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Linus 7

As a certified Cattle Financial Planner with Linus7, our strategic alliance with this outstanding company gives our clients access to one of the industry's most powerful, comprehensive and solid industry financial software packages. For more information on how Linus7 fits into your agribusiness, give us a call at 866‐433‐4350 or email us at info@compassagsolutions.com



Compass Icon 4 PointsAs your solutions partner, it is our goal to get you to your destination quickly, easily and with confidence. Sometimes the solutions to tough challenges are simply a matter of having the right people, the best tools, an effective process and a steadfast commitment to the goal.

This four‐pronged approach (people, tools, process and commitment) is what drives Compass Ag Solutions. Our unique and proprietary PROCESS of evaluating where you are, where you want to go and how you want to get there allows clients to manage risk and variables better than ever before.

The TOOLS we use are state‐of‐the art and include Linus7 Cattle Financial Software, our own introducing hedge brokering firm, Compass Hedging, grain procurement services through Ag Exchange and data analysis dedicated getting you the information you need, when you need it.

Our PEOPLE are the cornerstone of our company and are what set us apart. As agriculturalists, business owners and cattle industry professionals, we uphold the values and ethics that have built this great industry. We value relationships and the trust our clients place in us on a daily basis.

Reaching a goal also takes COMMITMENT through the journey. When markets surge or fall, input prices skyrocket or mother nature throws a curve ball, commitment to the MAP and to your goals becomes imperative. We help our clients stay committed to the goals and the plan.

Compass Ag Solutions, quite simply, is result‐based. We strive to identify and implement customized solutions that are uniquely crafted to your specific situation and operation. We do not waste time on trial and error or recommending run‐of‐the mill actions that will not help you achieve your specific goals or arrive at your desired destination.

RISK DISCLAIMER: The risk of loss in trading commodity futures and options is substantial. Before trading, you should carefully consider your financial position to determine if futures trading is appropriate. When trading futures and/or options, it is possible to lose more than the full value of your account. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.